Tri-City NYPS

The Tri-City NY Paranormal Society is based out of Albany County and has been serving upstate NY’s paranormal researching needs since 2010. They aee headquartered at Ten Broeck Mansion in the city of Albany and hosts numerous events there throughout the year.

We are proud to call the Tri-City NYPS friends. You can find more info at their website by clicking here, or their Facebook page by clicking here.


We here at Tri-city NY Paranormal Society are dedicated to conducting research in the field of the paranormal.We have been serving Albany county here in Upstate,NY for 6 years. Founded in 2010, our teams conducts investigation into possible events that are supernatural in nature and defy all logic in why the event has happened. With use of modern day equipment and tools along with a professional certified team of psychics and spiritualist we further investigate the claims to come up with a explanation of what may be happening in your home or business. We serve all of Albany,Schenectady, Troy, Rensselaer, Schoharie counties along with upstate NY.   
                Our Paranormal Society looks into ALL things paranormal in nature. We research and investigate possible Ghost encounters, UFO sightings and Bigfoot Sightings along with field research in these subjects. Our team goes out into the field and investigates all these subject matters in the paranormal to try and gain a better understanding of what has been witnessed. Just as you, we want to know the answers to these mysteries that are being witnessed and told.  We look for The CAUSE, The FOCUS, The TRUTH behind all these supernatural events and occurrences. Our mission is to further the field along with better educate people in the world of the paranormal.  

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