Winter Blues

For those of us in NNYPRS country, winter is still looming long before us. I am already longing for the picturesque greens of the forest and blues of summer skies. This is the season of closing myself off from the elements and spending much more time in contemplation and isolation. Sometimes, this tendency of mine to be introspective can lead me to feeling depressed and the forced isolation takes a real toll on all of us. This has been a good year for my mental health. Here are some things I have done differently; I hope they may be useful to you as well.

I am taking a little more time for self-care: reading a book, creating something, or reaching out on the phone or in person to someone I haven’t seen enough of lately. My depression has a way of making me feel alone and those few things can really get me feeling like myself again. The weather means I can’t go far, but a book can really expand the four walls around me and take me out of the mundane. The act of creation gives a sense of pride and accomplishment. The most important thing is remembering to reach out to your loved ones. They may be feeling isolated as well; you can find happiness in brightening their day, as well!


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