NNYPRS History

Founder and President Merrill McKee began individually researching paranormal activity during high school. In 2001, he had heard of research teams, groups of like minded people who used equipment to find answers to the unknown. He began trying to find a team to join, but found none within a manageable drive to his hometown of Malone, NY. In passing, he mentioned the paranormal to his friend Bil, and they decided to start their own team. In October of 2001, NNYPRS was born.

In their search for active cases, Merrill and Bil met Dale S., a self-proclaimed psychic/medium who had a number of verifiable ties to famous parascience researchers. At first, she agreed to mentor the fledgling group, but so enjoyed their affinity for finding answers that she joined the team as a full-fledged member.

Within the first year, NNYPRS expanded to 5 members, and began investigating private homes in the Malone, NY area. In 2002, they added a new member from Albany, NY; Dave Zirpoli is currently the NNYPRS Vice-President. After integrating Dave into the team, the idea was soon hatched to create two home bases of operation, Malone and Albany, which continues to be the group model for NNYPRS today.

Our methods, team members, and equipment have greatly changed since 2001. Please enjoy the following slide show as we honor our past with some of our favorite moments and members.