Cohoes Music Hall

Haunted History – A Paranormal Experience at Cohoes Music Hall

The NNYPRS is excited to team up with the Cohoes Music Hall to present “Haunted History – A Paranormal Experience at Cohoes Music Hall”. 

This is your opportunity to join NNYPRS as they investigate what is reportedly one of the most haunted locations in the Capital District. All ticket holders to the event will be given a historical overview of the property. Then, you will be introduced to the tools and techniques used by the NNYPRS Investigative Team.

Finally, you will be brought along as the NNYPRS Investigative Team leads a structured investigation thrusting you into the role of paranormal detective. The Team members will bring you to the “hot spots” and hand you equipment as you help the Team SEEK TRUTH!  

In previous investigations of the Music Hall, the NNYPRS Team has recorded numerous unexplained EVP recordings, video footage and scientific equipment data. Be part of the Team as they try to explain the unexplained.

Tickets can be purchased for $45 through the Cohoes Music Hall Website by clicking HERE.
CLICK HERE TO SEE OUR UP TO DATE DATA PAGE with unexplained phenomenon from our previous Haunted History events at the Cohoes Music Hall.