The Team

Merrill McKee

Merrill McKee is the President and Founder of NNYPRS. From Malone, NY, Merrill has been actively researching and investigating the paranormal for more than 25 years.

Outside of the paranormal, Merrill enjoys spending time with his large family, DJing, singing karaoke and playing basketball.

Dave Zirpoli
Vice President

Dave Zirpoli is the Vice President of NNYPRS. From a young age, he has been intrigued by all facets of the paranormal, with particular interests in UFOs/UAPs and demonology. He met Merrill and joined NNYPRS in 2002, bringing over 20 years of experience to the team.

In his spare time, Dave enjoys going to concerts, traveling, and home brewing beer.

Adam Blakley
Team Leader

Adam took a unique journey to his present position. In 2012, Adam won a radio contest on FLY 92.3 to join FLY and NNYPRS on their annual Haunted Broadcast. Adam proved himself very capable, and was asked to join the team.  Since, he has been integral in team activities.

Angie McKee

Angela became a member by default, as the wife of co-founder, Merrill McKee. She provides support, food, research and has acted as secretary since the inception of NNYPRS. She believes in the work and wants to help people find peace, whatever their situation.

Jamie Palmer
Lead Historical Researcher
Mickey Corrento
Tech. Specialist

Mickey is a husband and father of three living in Glens Falls. A skeptic in mind and a believer at heart. His love of analyzing, experimenting, and seeking the truth brought him to the NNYPRS team. Always looking for a new ways and new techniques to investigate, Mickey hopes to one day find at least some of the answers he has been looking for.

Dylan Boucher

Dylan joined the NNYPRS team in 2014 at his first investigation at the Parker inn. Dylan joined as a suggestion from a fellow member Adam, and out of his curiosity to discover something new and exciting. NNYPRS is all about seeking truth alongside friend

Emily Babcock

Emily has had an interest in the unknown from a very young age. In 2014, a chance meeting with Merrill included an invitation to join the Parker Inn investigation for FLY 92's Haunted Broadcast. She jumped on the chance and hasn't looked back.

In her spare time, Emily enjoys reading, cosplay and being outdoors.

Taylor Blakley

Taylor followed the investigations of the team for years through her brother, Adam. After expressing interest in the group she was given an opportunity to fill in during the 2017 haunted broadcast and officially joined the group after the event. For Taylor, NNYPRS is about seeking truth alongside family and friends.

Jason Peverly
Bill Keenan